The best and safest Telegram proxy

What is Telegram Proxy and how to activate it?

It is obvious to everyone that Telegram is one of the social networks that has attracted many users in recent years. One of the reasons for the popularity of Telegram is the Telegram proxy feature that has been added to it. Using a Telegram proxy, you can connect to Telegram even if your Telegram is filtered.

What is a telegram proxy?

In the latest version of Telegram, a feature called proxy setting has been added to the Android, Windows, and IOS models of Telegram, with this method you can bypass the restrictions and access your Telegram when you do not have access to your Telegram due to filtering. get access In fact, proxy means bypassing sanctions.

One of the reasons that caused some people to pay less attention to Telegram for some time is its filtering in Iran. Since buying a VPN and filter blocker also has its problems, it was necessary to use a filter blocker and VPN to fix Telegram filtering, and in some cases, the obstacles to connecting with the filter blocker seemed to be a problem. Therefore, many users were forced to migrate to WhatsApp and other social networks against their will, but none of them were like Telegram.

Therefore, Telegram creators have launched a solution called Telegram proxy for this problem. Telegram proxy is a function that exists in the Telegram program itself, and users can easily use their Telegram to send photos, music, and videos with better speed and safety without the need for a filter breaker. Telegram proxy bypasses Telegram filtering and provides this unique possibility for its users. During the updates and updates of the proxy, Telegram has now added a feature that all Android, Windows, and iOS models can benefit from.

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How to activate a proxy in Telegram?

To activate the Telegram proxy, first, go to the Telegram menu and enter the chat setting section. Now click on the proxy setting option at the bottom of the page. In this section, you can see a list of active proxies. The blue proxy is the one you are using to connect. Other proxies are shown in green or red. If the proxy is red, it means it is inactive, and green proxies are currently active. Under each of them, a number is written next to ms, and a lower number indicates a high proxy speed. If you do not see a proxy in this section, you can add a proxy to this section from the add the proxy section.

How to active Telegram proxy ?

What is MTProto Proxy?

MTProto telegram proxy is actually a type of security protocol that you can use to easily bypass Telegram filtering, and the difference with VPN is that it can only be installed on Telegram itself. So, if you are really tired of boring and several-day VPNs, installing a telegram proxy, especially an MTProto proxy can be very useful for you. It should be noted that the MTProto proxy can be installed on all operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you want to learn more about this telegram proxy, I must say that MTProto stands for Mobile Telegram Protocol and it only encrypts the information between the client and the server. It is observation.

One of the advantages of this protocol is that it uses a variety of encryption methods such as the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol, SHA-256 encryption algorithm, AES advanced encryption standard, and standards such as AES IGE and AES IGE IV. They were developed and used only by Telegram itself. Another interesting point of this protocol is that it can use any method for communication and packet transfer, including TCP, UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS. To get to know more about this attractive proxy, Bahvi guides you to read further.

MTPROXY-Telegram Proxy

Making MTProto proxy for Telegram

You can run this service on all kinds of operating systems. Here we are going to teach how to run it in the Windows operating system:

First, download the operating system type of the Nodejs program from the link

After installing, download the file

After decompressing the file, open the command promote window in the space of the folder by holding the shift button and right-clicking.

First, enter the following command and press Enter to download the related files.

npm install pm2 –g

Then enter the following command to activate the server:

pm2 start mtproxy.js max

Enter the default port and secret as follows:

Port: 6969

Secret: b0cbcef5a486d9636472ac27f8e11a9d

You can change both files to config.json.

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Is MTProto proxy safe?

Many people are worried about using Telegram proxies and the question arises whether their use is safe and a threat to their privacy or not. In response, we must say that there is not much difference between proxies and filter breakers, and Telegram itself has included this feature in its program. So there is no reason to worry. Sent and received messages are encrypted and no one can access them.

MTProto telegram proxy list:

With a simple Google search, you can find the latest proxies for Telegram. There are also channels in Telegram itself that offer you a new proxy for free. We wrote two examples of new proxies in this section.


Port: 54732


Port: 53752

What should we do if the Telegram proxy is disabled?

Telegram proxy may be disabled for various reasons. For example, the number of users of that server may be large and the server may not be able to respond to all people. Or some internet service providers may have blocked the server. If your proxy is disabled, you must activate your proxy manually. In this case, it is enough to click on the add proxy option and then select the MTProto option. Enter port and secret. And hit the save option so that the proxy works for you.

How to disable the Telegram proxy?

If you don’t want to use the Telegram proxy and you want to log in to Telegram using another software, you must disable the use of Telegram’s internal proxy. For this purpose, click on the shield symbol in Telegram and select the disable proxy option.

How much internet does the Telegram proxy use?

Due to the exchange of photos and videos in Telegram, you may want to know how much of the total volume of the Internet has been used and how much is still left. This can be easily done in Telegram itself by using its menus. It is easily possible to find out the amount of remaining volume of your Telegram proxy, whether it is Wi-Fi, roaming, or data type.

In the first step, open your Telegram program, then touch the three-line icon in the upper left corner of your Telegram screen to open the main menu. It is necessary to select the setting option. Then the Data & Storage option will be visible to you, which you must also touch. In the Disk and network usage section, which is visible in blue, you will see three options as follows:


Mobile data usage: This option shows the details of internet usage and the remaining internet of your SIM card or mobile data.


Wi-fi Data usage: This option shows the consumption volume and the remaining volume of your Telegram Internet which is used through Wi-Fi.


Roaming Data usage: By selecting this option, you will see the consumption volume and the remaining volume of your Telegram internet by the roaming service.

You can manage your Telegram proxy internet consumption through these observations. You can optimize your Telegram proxy internet usage according to your internet traffic. You will be able to easily use the Internet through the Telegram application in any mode that uses Telegram without the need to buy Internet traffic, just update your device to the latest version 3/16 and even Upgrade to a higher version.

Telegram may be filtered in your area. One of the easiest ways to fix the Telegram filter is to use a Telegram proxy. Telegram proxy is provided by the Telegram company itself so that everyone can use Telegram.