Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Followeran doing?

Followeran specializes in social media advertising, helping businesses increase their followers, likes, and views on various social networks. Our services are designed to promote your business and boost your popularity on social media platforms.

Can I trust the Followeran website?

We have been offering social networking services to users for many years and have constantly improved our collection. We are proud that many people have trusted us and continue to receive our services through our site.

Which service can meet my needs?

We offer various services on Followeran, and you can select one based on your account conditions and strategy. For instance, if you want to enhance the appearance and statistics of your account only, you can opt for fake services. However, if you need real people to visit and interact with your account, you should choose accurate services. If you require further assistance in selecting the service that suits your needs, please get in touch with us by phone or message.

What services does the Followeran have?

In our panel, all kinds of services are provided for all social networks with high quality and speed. You can get all services from us without intermediaries and at reasonable prices and benefit from our discounts and gifts. Check out our Services section in the panel to see all the options.

Can I edit user information after registering in the panel?

Yes, all your profile information can be edited except for your username.

How can I place an order in Followeran?

First, register in the panel, then go to the order registration stage and select your service. After that, you will be transferred to the payment gateway.

What points should I follow while placing an order?

There are various services on the site, each with its characteristics. In the description section of each service, the details and features of each service are fully specified. Before placing an order, read the service description, and if you have any questions, contact us through support.

How are the followeran support hours?

Our support team can assist you 24/7 through online chat and ticket submission.

How long does it take to send each service?

The speed of sending is different in each service; for this purpose, read the description of your desired service to get detailed information.

Can I place an order at the same time?

It is not a problem to place an order simultaneously for different links. But don't do this for a link because, in this case, the possibility of interference in orders increases. If you intend to place several orders for one link, place one of the orders and then place the next order after finishing it.

Is it possible to damage my account after using your services?

All follower services are reviewed and tested by the technical team. These services are high-quality and compatible with social network algorithms. After each update on the platforms, we also update our services to ensure that no damage is done to your account.

Do I need to enter my account password to purchase services?

You do not need to send personal information or a password to place an order in Followeran. Just register your account link and turn off its private mode so that your order is completed successfully.

How to work with followeran?

Through API, you can easily connect your site or bot to our panel and activate our services on your site or bot. If you encounter problems in the process of connecting the API to your website, read the API documentation first. If your problem is not solved, you can select "Problem in programming and API" from the support section and send the details of your problem.

How can I get a representation of Followeran?

We have provided you with an exceptional opportunity if you are looking for an agency. By buying a domain and paying a small fee, you can get a professional website with all the features of Followeran and earn money from it. Note that the names of Followeran and any information related to us will not be displayed on your website. Contact us for more details.

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