Representation of Followeran

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Followeran site agency rules

Followeran have created this special possibility for its users so that they can receive a representation of Followeran gateway payments and earn money. You will represent our gateway payments in the specified countries.
All you need to do is to activate the gateway payments according to the specified countries and you can be our gateway payments representative in that country and earn daily.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through the support ticket.

More details will be communicated to the representative after acceptance

The most crucial benefit of representing followeran

Dear ones, You can benefit from these benefits by receiving a representation of a followeran.

Having an agency, you can earn daily, weekly and monthly according to your activity

24-hour support is available for sales representatives, and you can contact us at any time of the day or night

After activating the payment gateway, your profit will be deposited into your account immediately

Follow-up and review is done by the followeran team.

Conditions for receiving representation

  • People from all countries, especially the following countries, can send their request to receive the followeran payment gateway:
    Turkey – India – Bangladesh – Indonesia – America – Saudi Arabia – South Korea – China – Egypt – Morocco – Australia – England – Brazil – Pakistan – Thailand – Russia
  • People who receive representation must authenticate (according to the description)
  • The agent must be available at all times.
  • The representative can communicate with us through WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.

Obligations of representatives to followeran

  • Each of you respected representatives is required to accept these obligations so that our cooperation is long-term and we can have a more successful business together
  • Direct communication with the followeran
  • Opening the payments gateway 
  • Follow up on matters related to depositing in the gateway and deposit problems from the relevant gateway
  • the balance of the representative’s account should not be less than the specified amount.

Obligations Of The Set Of Followeran​

  • Increase in income of the representative (this increase in income is based on the fact that the higher the number of sales from the activated payment gateway, the more your income will increase and you will receive more profit)
  • After charging the agent’s wallet (according to the agreements) 10-50% of the charged interest is immediately deposited into the representative account
  • representatives are given access to check payment gateway charges and charge amounts.
  • Responding to users’ tickets is done by the followeran support team.
  • The income of the representative is variable and is calculated depending on the number of payment gateways and payment gateway support, but in general, it can vary from 1-200 dollars and even more per day.
  • Followeran is committed to increasing the overall sales of the site based on its activities and increasing the income of the representatives.