How to find Instagram URL 2023?

Find Instagram URL

Do you know how to find Instagram URL on mobile? Instagram is one of the most popular yet most accessible social platforms, but since it’s designed for smartphone use, finding and sharing URL(s) can be challenging. The process is not too complicated, and the URL for posts and posts only requires a few simple steps. What is an Instagram URL, how to find Instagram URL 2023, and how do you change an Instagram profile URL? Let’s find out.

What is the Instagram URL?

In the online world, a URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. They can also be referred to simply as links or links. Instagram URLs are links that are assigned to different positions and profiles. These URLs for profiles usually combine the official Instagram website link and your username.

Links to other profiles and URLs can be shared outside the Instagram app using Instagram URLs. The addresses are not very useful when you are using the app itself. Stay stunned to find Instagram URL!

How to find the Instagram URL of a profile?

Depending on your platform, there are different ways to find an Instagram URL link. If you are viewing Instagram without an account to find an URL profile, these ways would pay off! In the following, we will introduce all the methods:

Find the Instagram URL link through the Instagram app

  • Log in to your Instagram profile. The Home section appears on the screen.
  • Open your profile by clicking on the circle with your profile picture at the bottom right.
  • Your username will be displayed at the top left of the screen. Link this username with the Instagram URL so that your profile address with username is created.

Instagram URL link

Find the Instagram URL link through the Phone browser

Another way to find Instagram URLs on a smartphone is to use a web browser. The Chrome app is the built-in browser for most Android devices, while iPhones come with the Safari app.

  • Search for Instagram and log in through a web browser.
  • When the home page appears, click the circle on the bottom right to open your profile.

At the top of the browser, you will see your profile link. To share, copy and paste this link.

Find the Instagram URL link through the Instagram website

To find the Instagram URL on your computer, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Instagram account. The Home section appears on the screen.
  • Click on the circle of your profile picture in the screen’s upper right corner and select the Profile option.
  • The link in the address bar changes after the profile appears.
  • This link is your profile URL. Send it to others or copy it to another browser.

You can still see other users’ profiles if they have a specific address, even if logged out.

How to find the Instagram URLs of other users?

There are several methods, such as finding your profile link, to find the Instagram URLs of other users.

Find the Instagram URL link through the Instagram app

  • From your Instagram profile, search for the desired username.
  • Once their profile is open, you will see the three dots in the top right corner.

 find Instagram URL

  • Click on the three dots to open a menu. Select a copy of the profile address.
  • This address is now ready for sharing.

Find the Instagram URL link through the Phone browser

You can find other users’ URLs using the smartphone web browser. To do this:

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Use the search option to find the desired profile.
  • A new URL will appear in the address bar after loading the profile: This link is their profile URL. Copy it and then paste it.

Find the Instagram URL link through the Instagram website

You can find Instagram URLs using the desktop website. To find the Instagram URL of other users on the computer:

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • The search bar can search for users at the top. Search for the profile username you want to share.
  •  By loading their profile, the link in the address bar will change to the following address:

 find Instagram URL


You need to use this address for your user profile. It can be copied and pasted to share.

How to find the Instagram URL of a post?

To find Instagram URL on a computer or smartphone, follow the steps below:


  • Scroll or search to see a post. There are three dots in the right corner parallel to the username.

 find Instagram URL

  • Select the Copy Link option from the new menu that appears.

Find the Instagram URL link

  • A notification indicates that this link is ready for sharing.

Your Instagram URL link can be used for so many different things. You’ll definitely want that link ready and available if you’re looking to get more people to your account.

Since you have learned how to Find Instagram URL, it’s time to take a look at how you can make the most of your Instagram link in this article.

  • Email marketing: integrating all of your social media with your email marketing and newsletters is one of the best things you can do. Perhaps even include some of your IG content in those emails to make them more impactful and noticeable.


  • Gallery on your website: show off your Instagram content to drive traffic to your IG account. Both mobile and desktop browsers should be able to view your content. Get people over to your Instagram by embedding the post’s URL directly on your site!



1.      Is it possible to change the URL of my Instagram account? You can change your Instagram URL if you wish. Since your username and URL are directly linked, changing your username will also change your URL.
2.      Is my Instagram URL the same on mobile browsers as on desktop browsers? Yes, your Instagram link will not change. Web browsing can be done on a regular browser or on the web browsing app on your mobile device. Mobile users, however, are more likely to use the Instagram app directly.



In addition to the Instagram website, you can also find the Instagram URL link associated with your profile or post (profile or post). In this article, we have explained How to get Instagram URLs on mobile in detail. Once you’ve got it, it’s easy to find and share.