Why Instagram hashtags not working?

Why the hashtags do not work?

Many people are concerned with and ask many questions: Why are Instagram hashtags not working, or why is the Instagram hashtag not showing up for me? These questions often arise when people try to use hashtags in their posts or stories, but none work. The reason why Instagram hashtags not working can have various causes, and today we’ll look at Followeran for a suitable solution.

With a good hashtag strategy, you will be able to stand out from many posts, and besides getting a lot more views on your content, it will also increase your brand awareness and customer base. For the following reasons, however, you may be unable to use this excellent feature sometimes.

Why are Instagram hashtags not working?

1. If Your page is known as shady or spam, Instagram hashtags not working.

Before discussing this topic, we want to explain Shadowban and see what Shadowban is briefly. Blocking occurs when Instagram penalizes you, so you cannot access many features. In the new updates, Instagram has become more critical of the topic of hashtags, which it has not done before. A ubiquitous question that people ask is Why Instagram hashtags not working. Instagram’s penalty has imposed this punishment on one’s account for precisely this reason.

Why are Instagram hashtags not working

Instagram zooms in on your page, making hashtags challenging to access when it is considered spam. You will be re-entered if you leave the page and do anything unusual. How do you get out of a ban on Instagram? What are the reasons?

You can quickly lose relevance by using only popular hashtags on your page. For example, people working in WordPress education shouldn’t use hashtags related to English language education since they are unrelated. If so, that’s Why Instagram hashtags are not working! Delete any hashtags like this you have ever used in your posts, and go back and delete them from your previous posts. 

2. You may need to fix Instagram hashtags if you use hashtags unrelated to your field of work!

Are you willing to know why Instagram hashtags not working? Using popular hashtags unrelated to your field of work may be one reason Instagram restricts you from using hashtags. Due to the widespread nature of this issue, we will repeat it here since we mentioned it in the Shadowban section.

In the past, this might have been used to trick Instagram users into using hashtags, but today it has no use and even leads to spam. In contrast, consider the user’s perspective; For instance, you are searching for Ariana Grande’s Instagram hashtag, which has many searches, but you are showing investment education content.

Why are Instagram hashtags not working

What are your plans? It won’t be pleasant for you. As a result, this part of Instagram is subject to strict restrictions. Aside from Instagram, this can also result in your page being closed if different people report you. If you wonder Why Instagram hashtags not working, consider this point precisely.


3. Abandon the use of prohibited hashtags

Using prohibited hashtags may also be causing Instagram hashtags not working. This might be interesting to you, but Instagram has about 100,000 banned hashtags, which means that if you use them, you may put your account at risk, and it may be deemed spam, and you cannot use the app anymore. To avoid posting prohibited hashtags, it is advisable to place them before posting. But how to find them?

Saving hundreds of thousands of Instagram hashtags does not require you to take the time to review them all. This hashtag is not allowed if you search for it in Instagram’s search section and receive the following message. So quickly! Often, you won’t see your desired hashtag, which is also one reason for banning it.

It is possible to check banned hashtags with MetaHashtags.Com if you don’t want to use Instagram’s tool.

The exciting thing is that many words that no one even thinks about are considered banned hashtags. For example, the term “desk” does not contain anything relevant but is recognized as a prohibited hashtag. 

4. If you don’t want that your Instagram hashtags not working, do not use hashtags with broad topics

We all want to be seen in general words and hashtags and bring a large target audience. But excessive use of these words will not do us any good. If you are seen among these hashtags with broad topics, you may attract an audience for yourself, but the more specialized the hashtags you choose, the better you can attract targeted people.

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5. Allowed number of hashtags per post prevents Instagram hashtags not working

Sometimes it happens that we enter the caption of our post in the note on the phone and then enter Instagram, and we need to be made aware of how many hashtags we put in our caption. In this case, Instagram will not allow us to upload the post. The virtual number of hashtags you can use in your caption is 30, and it is impossible to use more than that number.

Of course, all the experts in the field of Instagram training recommend that 30 hashtags should not be used, and generally, between 5 and 8 hashtags per post are suitable, and finally, 10 is a good number. There is no set number for Instagram hashtags, which doesn’t mean they won’t work. You should figure out the correct number with testing, experience, and your field. This is the easiest way to check to solve the problem of Instagram hashtags not working.

Instagram hashtags not working

6. Using a variety of hashtags may cause your Instagram hashtags not worhing

It has happened many times that a person continuously repeats several hashtags in 30 posts and keeps them the same. What would you do if you were Insta? You probably say that this page is a robot or spam that does not change the structure of its hashtags. So, it doesn’t allow you to use the hashtag in the posts, and in this way, the problem of Instagram hashtags not working occurs.

To avoid falling into such a situation, try to find hashtags that are highly visited and, at the same time, targeted in your field of work and use some of them as a rotation in your Instagram post hashtag to draw a wide circle of people towards you. Attract There are many hashtag sites where you give your main hashtag, and it will show you a list of hashtags related to your industry that you can choose from and include in your post caption. The most crucial thing in hashtagging is experience, and you should test different hashtags and see which hashtags will bring you the best feedback.

7. Using highly competitive hashtags can be another reason Why Instagram hashtags need to be fixed.

When you search for a particular hashtag, there are two parts to it. One is the recent part, and the other is the top part. In the current section, posts are usually displayed that have received a large number of likes, comments, etc., or in other words, good interaction in the first few minutes or even hours.

In complex areas, where many posts are entered, it is almost impossible to stay on top, and your post will be in the current section for a few seconds and be deleted. You have burned your chance to be seen by using complex and famous words, while you can allow others to see your content using lower and better terms. 

Instagram hashtags not working

8. Technical problems and human error; That’s Why Instagram hashtags not working

All the things we reviewed above are mostly related to the strategy of each page, and by following them, you can be seen in Instagram hashtags to a large extent. But sometimes, the reason is somewhere else; for example, the hashtags you use need to be corrected, and that’s why no one can see you.

For example, underlining hashtags is essential (for expressions with several words), and the correct way of words is also significant. If you make a typo, it will not be accepted, and the hashtag will be useless.

Pay attention to a hashtag’s color in the caption to determine whether it has been used correctly. When you publish the post, recheck the post and see if the hashtags are blue or black like the rest of the text. You should check for and solve a problem if they are black.

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Why are Instagram hashtags not working? (Overall)

Technical problems and human errorUsing highly competitive hashtags
Using a variety of hashtagsuse hashtags with broad topics
Not aware of how many hashtags we put in our captionAbandon the use of prohibited hashtags
use hashtags unrelated to your field of workYour page is known as shady or spam


In 2023, do Instagram hashtags still work?

Definitely! Posting relevant hashtags to your social media accounts is more important than ever. You can connect your business with potential customers through hashtags on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Instagram, how do I use hashtags?

You can take a picture or upload a video. Tap Next (for a video) or Add a filter (for a photo). Click the Write a caption button… Enter a caption (for example: #flower) and type #. Tap (for a photo) or Share (for a video).


Today, we examined all the methods that exist to solve the problem of Instagram hashtags not working so that you can use Instagram hashtags as best as possible. Now it’s your turn to complete our article. If you come up with a way to be seen as much as possible through the Instagram hashtag, we will be happy to share it with us in the comments section so that we can help other people improve the use of the hashtag by publishing it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Instagram hashtags not working and figuring out how to fix them.