What is Instagram music copyright? (2023)

how to use copyrighted music on Instagram legally 2022

Are you looking for some ways to fix the Instagram music copyright problem? The social network Instagram has become a global phenomenon. Instagram has recently added very strict copyright rules.

In this article, we will review and teach how to solve the Instagram music copyright problem on Instagram together, which is one of the concerns of Instagrammers.

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The users of this social network, especially people like writers, photographers, and those who work in the field of music, always have the concern that their product works will be used elsewhere for different purposes and in the name of another person without complying with the copyright laws.

For this reason, these people usually do not publish their very good and special works on Instagram.

Now, Instagram has helped this space a lot by adding copyright rules. But unfortunately, these laws are only in the field of music copyright. Instagram music copyright rules were enacted in 2017 and took a big step toward making Instagram a better place for people working in the music industry.

As a person who works on the Instagram social network, you must have downloaded and posted a video from a page. Or you have downloaded the background music of a video from somewhere. In these cases, Instagram usually deletes your post because it is against Instagram’s copyright law. 

Instagram music copyright

If in the caption of your post, you give explanations about the owner of the music work, who is the work owner, and from which source you got the music, the possibility of your post being deleted is less.

The music restriction on Instagram is officially implemented today, so be very careful when publishing posts and stories.

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There are different ways to solve the Instagram music copyright problem.

These ways have all been tried, and they solve music copyright problems in most cases. But it cannot be said 100% that these methods are the answer because Instagram music copyright laws can change at any moment.

In any case, with the methods we will explain below, you can minimize the possibility of your post being deleted, so stay with us.

  •  Mention the name of the author of the work and the source of its preparation.

As a rule, the first way that comes to everyone’s mind to comply with the Instagram copyright law is to mention the name of the owner of the work and the source of its download.

With this method, you have done the right thing regarding ethics and copyright laws.

Mentioning the name of the author who worked hard to produce a piece of music is very beautiful. And everyone should do it so that the producer’s right is not violated.

By doing this, you have spread a beautiful culture on the Instagram social network and will not have any problems with  Instagram music copyright rules.

Sometimes, unfortunately, even if you mention the name of the author, your post will be deleted. We will deal with this problem in the next sections.

  •  Appeal and reconsideration

The image below is an error you encounter when you post a song on Instagram. This is an Instagram warning message that says there is a song in this video that you do not have the right to publish.

If you have permission to publish this song, you must click on the blue text “Appeal” at the bottom of the page. With this, you can appeal to Instagram to return your video.

If you don’t have permission from the work’s creator to play it, don’t appeal. Because your page may face problems. (Instagram’s copyright law is very sensitive for foreign songs)

In any case, if you have permission to play it, press the Appeal button.

  •  Permission from the owner of the work

The correct and ethical thing is to get permission from the owner of the work via email or Instagram before posting a video with music. You should always get permission from the owner of the work, try to contact the singer of the desired song, and ask him for permission to publish his music.

  •  Using music that does not include copyright law

Instead of doing these things, you can easily consider other music for your video that does not include Instagram copyright law.

There is no obstacle to using music for Instagram, and you will not face problems such as deleting posts, etc.

The owner of the work provides the music to his audience for free.

  •  Making changes to the music to fix the Instagram music copyright issue

Another way to solve the music copyright problem on Instagram is to make changes to your music. Doing this will divert the bot that checks the videos for copyright law.

Unfortunately, this method does not work in all cases, but it is worth trying. For this, you can slightly change the music with special software such as (VideoShow for Android and Magisto for iOS)

Or the easier way is to add some more sounds to the background of the video.

It is better to put this method as your last priority. Nowadays, Instagram will notice the violation of copyright laws by checking the videos and may even close your account.

  •  Give credit in the caption.

Although Instagram may not prevent copyrighted music from being identified, it can be helpful in appealing If your content is removed, you can demonstrate that you did not intend to make the music your own and that you have given appropriate credit to the owners.


  •  Collaboration with musicians and smaller artists

If the  Instagram music copyright issue still needs to be solved, Take this tip seriously! Try talking to local musicians and smaller artists and see if you can work with them to create custom sounds for Instagram videos. Not only will this create copyrighted music that you can legally use on Instagram, but you’ll also be supporting independent artists simultaneously! It’s a win-win for everyone.

  •  Use free music

Using free music can also be a very good solution. Find a free music library like HookSounds that lets you use a variety of music for Instagram (and other social media platforms).


Compliance with the rules of any platform and application is essential today. The problem of copyright music Instagram, especially music copyright, is one of the common warnings of Instagram that you must try to avoid getting music copyright errors by following the mentioned points.