How to design a Instagram thumbnail cover 2023?

How to choose and use video cover on Instagram?

How to design a Instagram thumbnail cover? Attractiveness and beauty are essential criteria seen on Instagram. The Instagram thumbnail cover should be selected technically so that in addition to the attractiveness of the post, it also affects the beauty of the Instagram feed page.

Instagram beauty looks have many posts in the audience, and if your post on Instagram attracts users in the first few weeks, you may have missed your post. An important task for Instagram pages is designing video covers. Learn how to do so in this article.

Why should you use Instagram thumbnail cover ?

Based on the statistics obtained from the insight section of Instagram pages, it has been found that the popularity of video posts is much higher than that of photo posts.

Instagram thumbnail cover

The statistics show that you should start making exciting videos to attract more users on Instagram. Videos are more effective, and users can more easily get to know the behavior and characteristics of Instagram page owners. if your video has been saved into drafts, let’s learn how to find drafts on Instagram here.

The role of attractive videos in Instagram marketing

The importance of why you should learn how to design a Instagram thumbnail cover is described in detail here. Instagram stores should introduce their products by making attractive videos and making the audience aware of the authenticity of the Instagram store. Instagram stores should use different and appealing methods to attract more audiences.

The best way to attract more users is to create videos that showcase attractive products and services. These videos should attract users’ trust and win their trust.

To make Instagram posts more attractive, videos should add a lot of appeal to the appearance of the Instagram feed page. Choosing an Instagram thumbnail cover is one of the most essential steps in making a video on Instagram.

Suppose the appropriate Cover is not selected for Instagram videos. In that case, Instagram will automatically select the first frame of the video as the Cover. This Cover usually cannot add much appeal to the appearance of Instagram posts and feeds. If Instagram videos don’t have a cover, the video post may not be shown with a black screen in the Instagram feed, which is not pretty. In the following, you will learn the construction methods and points you should pay attention to when choosing an Instagram thumbnail cover.

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3 Design Tips to Make a Striking Instagram thumbnail cover

Wondering to know how to design a Instagram thumbnail cover, let’s hit some crucial tips. If you have been on Instagram a lot, you must have seen some posts that easily tempt you to see them, like them, leave comments, and even save them; first, start with an attractive photo; then, you can see the video of the post.

Instagram thumbnail

These attractive images placed at the beginning of the video are called cover posts. To choose an Instagram thumbnail cover, follow some tips to create a more attractive cover.

Often, we are not interested in reading a picture with forty lines of text, and we skip it. Your followers on Instagram are not interested in this either. Since on Instagram, you can only see an image of the post’s content by scrolling on a page, the information displayed in this section is vital.

if you want to learn How to design a video cover on Instagram, you should consider these points:

•    Use a combination of photos and text. Undoubtedly, an attractive picture is much more expressive than several lines. So, in the first step, you should choose the most suitable photo for the Cover of your post.
•   After choosing the photo, it is time to write a suitable title. The title should be short and accompanied by golden words related to the post so that it can convey complete information about the content of your post.
•  Choosing an attractive font for the short text placed on the Cover of the Instagram post is necessary to be very beautiful and different.

Essential points of making a video cover

Another essential point you should pay attention to when learning to design an Instagram thumbnail cover on Instagram is using different colors in the cover text. Your chosen color combination should not be crowded and should only make essential words appear bolder. Don’t forget that the video cover you make is not just for a post; it is also shown in the Instagram feed and affects the beauty of the Instagram page.

You can also use modeling methods to make Instagram video covers. If you look at Instagram pages with many followers, you will see that the posts are beautiful. You can model these Instagram pages and use the designs they used for the Cover of their posts.

Of course, it is significant for Instagram stores to include the necessary product information on the Cover of videos and posts. So, for better efficiency, you should follow some successful Instagram stores with high engagement and create your specialized Cover by adding ideas and creativity.

To choose attractive and short texts, you should study more to include more words in your vocabulary. For this, it is enough to look at the headlines of newspapers and magazines daily and read related books. Of course, if you own an online store on Instagram, beautiful posts with practical text will significantly help you.

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Instagram thumbnail cover tutorial

According to the previous content, you learned that choosing a cover is of great value and helps to make your posts more visible. Pay attention that if you want your posts to reach the explorer, you must use an attractive cover for videos. It must have happened to you that you have gone to an arcade where the shops have a lot of similar products.

In this passage, the first store that attracts your attention is a store that has an exciting introduction board and provides specific information about its products. It can attract the attention of customers much more quickly than other stores. Choosing an Instagram video cover also plays an important role.

How to design a Instagram thumbnail cover

How to design a video cover on Instagram?

You have simple and convenient ways to make an Instagram video cover. The use of professional graphic software such as Photoshop makes the work of graphic designs very complicated and time-consuming but basic and accurate. What is essential for many business owners on Instagram is to produce content by themselves and have engaging content for their Instagram store at any time using simple features.

Designing an Instagram thumbnail using Windows operating system software such as Photoshop and Premiere is not convenient for everyone, and it is impossible to access them permanently. For this reason, in this section, we provide a beautiful and straightforward tutorial so that you can easily choose an Instagram thumbnail cover.

You can choose an Instagram thumbnail cover in two ways. First through Instagram itself and secondly through mobile photo and video editing software. Learning how to design a Instagram thumbnail cover is explained below:

Choosing an Instagram thumbnail cover using Instagram

Choosing an Instagram thumbnail cover using Instagram is very simple. To select a video cover, it is crucial to determine the type of video to be uploaded and what is the model. Follow the below steps to learn How to design a video cover on Instagram.

Instagram thumbnail cover for one-minute videos

If the video you have chosen to upload is a one-minute video or several maximum 10-minute slides, you can use the following method to choose an Instagram thumbnail cover:

1- Select your one-minute video or videos to upload to Instagram and click NEXT.

2- In this section, you will be shown three options:

  • Trim
  • Filter
  • Cover

3- At this stage, you must select the Cover option.

4- After selecting Cover, the frames of the video to be uploaded will be shown in a bar.

5- By dragging the bar of video frames, you can choose the best frame that can be used as a video cover.

6- After selecting one of the frames you have chosen to put the Cover on the Instagram video, you must click NEXT.

7- Apply the necessary captions and settings and share your video with the desired Cover.


Can you edit Instagram thumbnail cover 2023?

Choose the cover part of the video by tapping the video image with the Cover label. Choose an image from your phone’s camera roll by tapping “Add from camera roll”. Then tap Done once you’ve made your selection.

How do I customizeInstagram thumbnail cover?

Click Cover Page under the Pages group on the Insert tab. From the gallery of options, choose a layout for your cover page. By clicking to select an area of the cover page, such as the title, and typing your own text, you can replace the sample text with your own text after inserting the cover page


Videos are one of the most attractive content that usually has between 45 and 65% views. Creating video content is one of the best ways for Instagram stores to introduce their products and thus increase store page visits. By producing Instagram thumbnail content, Instagram stores can increase page engagement after these posts are entered into Instagram Explorer and the number of followers increases.

One of the ways to make video posts more attractive is to choose an Instagram thumbnail cover. With this method, the image of the videos on the Instagram feed page and explorer is shown with a more beautiful appearance, and the audience is more encouraged to see the post. Hope you have learned how to design a Instagram thumbnail cover.