9 Ways to Fix Instagram Direct Messages not working

Are Instagram direct messages Not working? Today, Instagram Direct is considered a good tool for sending posts and stories to friends in addition to sending messages. You may also be one of those users who have encountered the problem of Instagram Direct Messages Not Working. Find out how to fix Instagram Direct Messages not working in 9 easy steps!

Why are Instagram Direct messages not working?

You may think that your account has been shadowbanned. The fact is,  internet slow connections and some other issues may prevent direct messages from appearing. Instagram Direct may not be a messenger for users, but daily a considerable amount of different messages are exchanged between users through this feature of Instagram.  Usually, in this case, the direct notification will appear for you, but when you enter the direct messages page, you will not see a message. Instagram DMs not working can be caused by several factors. Here are some points to consider.

Instagram direct messages Not working

Instagram DMs not working can be caused by several factors. Here are some points to consider.


  •   The Instagram direct messages are not working because of a slow internet connection.

The Instagram Direct Messages Not Working can occur for various reasons. One of these reasons is the low speed of your Internet. But if your internet speed is acceptable, what can cause such a problem? In some cases, it has even been seen that messages sometimes appear and then disappear again after reloading the pages.

The Instagram direct messages are not working

  •  A recent update of this application has caused Instagram direct messages not work.

This problem may have been caused by an update from Instagram or your device. Such an update will prevent the message from being sent to you correctly or prevent it from being displayed. Of course, it is possible that it happened due to a defect in your application and even that a user blocked you. This problem occurs to many users with different phones and is not limited to a specific device or carrier.

How to fix Instagram direct messages not working

How to fix Instagram direct messages not working?

If you want to learn how to fix Instagram Direct Messages Not Working, follow this article till the end. Let’s discuss every possible scenario and troubleshoot the issue. It is straightforward to fix Instagram Direct Messages not working by following these top 10 solutions.

1- Clear the Instagram cache and Wipe the Cache to fix Instagram direct messages not working

It may be that the reason for not sending or receiving messages is related to the filling of cache memory and Instagram data. You can fix Instagram direct messages not working by deleting this part of the program’s memory. For this, go to the settings of your phone. Then touch on the management of programs or apps. Now you need to find the Instagram app from the available apps and open it to see more information. Then click Clear Cache and Clear Data options. This will clear the app’s Cache and data. After entering the program and re-entering the account information, check you’re direct.

2- Update Instagram to the latest version of the program to fix Instagram Direct not opening

Among the other reasons for problems in Direct, we can point out issues in the Instagram app itself and its connection with your phone. To fix Instagram direct messages not working, update your app to the latest version available in the app stores. If there is a problem with the program, your problem should be solved after updating the program. Make sure to update and download the program from official app stores. If your program is updated, you can also try deleting the current version and re-downloading the new version.

3- Using some lower versions of Instagram to fix direct messages not showing up

If you have recently updated your Instagram and direct problems start, you must do the opposite of the previous method to solve the problem of sending messages on Instagram directly. Many tests are done on new versions of the program, but again, this new version may not be compatible with your phone or may have problems. To solve this problem, try downgrading older versions of Instagram (or at least the version before the update) so that you can use Direct easily. In addition, if you need a new version of the program to use the available features When you have the latest version, you can install both versions of the program at the same time.

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4- Checking the health of APN Internet connection and Wi-Fi in the problem of Instagram direct sending

The role of the Internet situation in causing the problem of not opening Instagram Direct cannot be ignored. If you are using a SIM card internet, check the APN or Access Point Names settings and try to delete the previous settings, and reset the new APN for your mobile phone. The APN reset tutorial is entirely taught so that you can read it. If you are using fixed Internet or ADSL, restart the modem in the first step. If the problem remains, reset the modem or contact your internet support. This solution will help you fix Instagram direct messages not working.

How to fix Instagram direct messages not working

5- Instagram direct crash problem and precise proxy settings to fix Instagram DMs not working

Using a proxy to connect to the Internet may cause the problem of sending messages on your Instagram Direct. To fix this problem, try to remove proxy programs. When removing the program, restore all the settings because proxy programs also change the settings.

6- Restarting the phone to fix Instagram DMs stuck on a loading screen

Restarting your phone is one of the easiest ways to resolve Instagram jumping-out problems. It doesn’t take much time, but it might solve your problem. You can close the program entirely and restart the phone for more effect. Then open the program again and check the direct operation.

fix Instagram direct messages not working

7- Delete and reinstall this application to fix Instagram direct messages not working

As we mentioned earlier, the problem of direct Instagram failure may be due to the connection between the phone and Instagram. Even if you are using the latest version of the app, try to completely delete the app from your phone. Then download the new version again from the app stores. Before deleting the program, make a backup of your data.

8- Switch and direct test on another Instagram account

In recent years, Instagram introduced the ability to switch accounts without logging in and out of the primary account. To ensure your account’s health, even if you don’t have another account, try to create a new account and switch to it with the program and test Direct. Announce the program and read the following items as well. If the problem of Instagram direct messages not working has not been solved yet, do not miss the last two important ways!

9- Being blocked and spam recognized by Instagram and not opening directs

Despite its advanced services, Instagram always tries to block users who attempt to harass other users by spamming. First, check your recent activities, and if there is no reason to block your direct and to solve the Instagram Direct problem, take the necessary steps to fix it.

what are Instagram direct messages glitches?

In the event of Instagram DM glitches, some Instagram users (including me) may have experienced the following problems:


·     Instagram has released an update to its Direct Messages feature.

·    There is no indication that new Instagram direct messages have been sent
·     Direct messages disappear from Instagram·    Your Instagram account says you have a message, but you don’t
·    There is no message in Instagram DM notifications for the user

·    The Instagram message request disappears


If any of those happens, you can use our solutions to solve your problem. Stay calm!


What is the best way to contact Instagram directly?

Many times, Instagram doesn’t respond to some users’ messages. For this reason, if you do not receive any response from Instagram support, we recommend you message them on Twitter or tweet about the issue, mentioning @Instagram in your tweet. It may work this time.

 Instagram Direct Messages not working

In what ways can you avoid Instagram’s DM problem?

Instagram is not always to blame. Sometimes, even the settings on your mobile device prevent you from sending messages.

  • Close and restart Instagram if you are experiencing DM issues.
  • You need to log out and sign in again.
  • Remove Instagram and reinstall it if it doesn’t recover.

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Don’t always blame Instagram; Sometimes, the internal settings of your mobile phone cause problems in the Instagram application; In some cases, storing cookies on your phone can limit the use of some programs and cause you problems while using them. When you have a problem with Instagram direct messages not working, close and restart the app; if the problem persists, Uninstall and reinstall the app after this.

You need to sign out of your account and then sign back in. If your device’s memory is possible for you, it does not accept applications such as Instagram. As a result, the Instagram direct section has problems; in some cases, it does not refresh. Use the above methods to find out how to fix Instagram direct messages not working.

Finally, if your Instagram direct problem is not solved, it is better to contact the Instagram support team and discuss the situation with them.