Put the call button on Instagram

How to add call buttons?

Maybe it has happened to you while searching on Instagram and viewing different pages, you have come across pages where the call button is next to the follow button and you have been curious about how to put the call button on Instagram.

Placing a call button on Instagram is suitable for creating advertising and marketing accounts because the availability of a contact number, email, and geographic location map is of particular importance to improve business. If you intend to put the contact on Instagram, note that you must have the latest version of the Instagram application installed on your device and also have an account on another active social network, preferably Facebook.

What buttons can be used on Instagram profiles?

It has probably happened to you that you have come across buttons on some Instagram pages that are not visible on other pages. For example, the buttons related to the phone on Instagram, to send an email or the exact location, call button and etc.

You may have wanted to add such facilities to your profile, but you did not know how to add these buttons. Adding a call button on Instagram or adding an email on Instagram both makes your account commercial and gives it more security. In order for you to have contact and email buttons on your page, you need to change your Instagram account to a business account.

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How to put a number on Instagram

To add a call button on Instagram :

Make sure the latest version of the software is installed.

1- First, log in to your Instagram account, and then on the profile page, tap the three-line icon on the top and right sides.

add call button

2- When the menu opens, tap on the Settings option. When the settings page opens, select Switch to Business Account.

3- After opening the new page, select the Login with Facebook option and synchronize your Facebook page with the Instagram page for commercialization. After you connect, you will be shown a list of Facebook pages that you use to access the administration. Select the appropriate page and tap on continue.

4- After connecting to your Facebook page, Instagram will fetch your information to add to your Instagram profile. Check the information and change the information if it is not correct.

5- After going through the above steps, your Business Profile will be activated and a welcome message will be displayed for you. Then your account will have a connect button.

In this way, by creating a business profile and placing the number on Instagram, you can take a big step toward your business and marketing goals and guide your customers more purposefully.

By adding the call button to Instagram, your customers can contact you in 3 ways:

Through: Direct, in this way, customers can contact you by sending directly to you.

Email button: The email button on Instagram is located in this section and your followers can send you an email through this.

Call button: With the help of the call button, customers can call your phone number directly.

How to activate Instagram Contact?

Contact or the option related to contact information on Instagram will be possible only by activating the business account and connecting the page to the Facebook account. As we mentioned, in business accounts, followers and target contacts can better communicate with you, your products, and your services. Without these options, you will lose a large portion of your potential customers. So, if you have a product to sell, a service to offer, or training to provide, change your account to a business account by following the above instructions and be ready to respond to your Instagram customers.

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How to delete a call button on Instagram

If the number of your followers is more than a few thousand people, most of them may call your number and bother you. This issue has caused most business accounts to remove the phone call option from their profile and communicate with their contacts through other methods such as direct mail and email.

To remove the call button from business accounts, you need to click on the three dots on the right and top of the profile page, and then by selecting the “Edit Profile” option and tapping on the “Contact Options” option, delete the number that you previously entered for your business account on Insta. do.


Adding a call button on Instagram must be accompanied by the activation of a business account, while it is possible to add an email button on Instagram in normal accounts. Activating contact allows users to access your contact number and email with just one call button on Instagram.

The presence of email on Instagram makes direct communication between page owners and customers easier. Also, the ability to send emails on Instagram by users is another service that gives higher credibility to business accounts. It is true that users of normal accounts should always enter their email in the settings section of their page, but that email is not for contacts and only has a security aspect for the page (contacts do not see the email account on public Instagram, but the email in the contact of business accounts It is placed only to communicate with the contacts!)