Delete posts on Instagram

Why did Instagram delete my posts?

Instagram, as the most popular social network, has had significant effects on the style and trends of lives. Maybe in the long hours that we are roaming in it, we come across all kinds of content. Many of its users have also been able to achieve high incomes through Instagram.

Instagram, despite all the tools and opportunities it has provided, is not free of bugs and problems. As a subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram is constantly being updated. But what could be the reason for deleting the Instagram post? and what should we do if Instagram deletes posts?


Reasons for deleting the Instagram post

Some Instagram users have faced the problem of not showing posts on Instagram. This problem occurs immediately after the post is published. But what is the reason for Instagram post delete and its solution? Blocking posts on Instagram leads to frustration for users. This situation becomes worse when users do not know the reasons for it.

Especially since Instagram delete many posts without warning users. If the reasons are not found, this issue will have a great impact on the users’ activity. So let’s see what is the reason for deleting my Instagram post.

delete posts in instagram

1- Instagram rules and restrictions on publishing content

Social networks are an integral part of modern life. With many users, these platforms have their own rules and regulations for publishing content. Instagram has also applied its own rules and restrictions in this field. Many users have noticed that the Instagram post is deleted a few seconds after its publication.

This delete is always done without informing the user of the reason. When faced with this issue, users are faced with a message stating that they do not follow the guidelines of the forum.

Instagram has some restrictive and strict rules. All users must comply with these terms. If any user violates the rules, they will be fined by Instagram. Some content is banned on Instagram. In the sense that no user should use them in their posts. Topics whose content is restricted or banned by Instagram include the following:


  • Firearms deals
  • Buying and selling alcohol
  • Drug deals
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Selling live animals
  • Online gambling ads
  • Sexual content
  • hateful words
  • Blackmail and personal harassment
  • Incitement to violence
  • Promotion of self-harm

2- Failure to verify contact information and email address

The reason for deleting the Instagram post can be the failure to verify the email address and contact number connected to the user account. This is one of the things that happen frequently to users. After registering on Instagram, an email or SMS will be sent to you. By confirming it, your account will be verified.

If you haven’t done this, you will most likely face the problem of the post being blocked on Instagram. However, most of the time this issue is ignored by Instagram. You may be able to publish your content without verifying your email or phone number. But this issue will remain as one of the possible reasons. To fix this problem, you need to verify your phone number or email address on Instagram.

3- Copyright violation is the reason for deleting the Instagram post

Copyright laws do not include all content available in cyberspace. But many texts, photos, music, and movies contain these rules. Recording original music is one of the major concerns of social networks and their users. Using the music of famous artists in parts of the film and not mentioning their names will cause the Instagram post to be deleted.

copyright the reason that Instagram delete your posts

The same applies to images, texts, and other content. However, Instagram is more sensitive to music. To solve this problem, it is necessary to comply with copyright laws. Content publishing rights in virtual networks include the following:

  • Audio-visual content includes all kinds of movies, video games, pictures, and TV shows
  • Audio content includes music, audio recordings, and speeches
  • Written content includes books, manuscripts, sheet music, and plays

Reasons for blocking posts on Instagram

Some Instagram users have faced the problem of not showing posts on Instagram. The reason for deleting an Instagram post can be due to various factors. The manifestation of this problem is that a few seconds after publication, the new post disappears. Searches and statistics have shown that this problem has existed for a long time.

In some cases, the reason for th Instagram delete post is not yet known definitively. But there are some logical reasons for this.

Instagram is sensitive to the activity of its users

One of the possible reasons for this issue is the sensitivity of Instagram to the activity of users and their accounts. Some of Instagram’s restrictive laws include crimes. Most users do not pay attention to the rules and regulations of Instagram. How many of us have read Instagram’s terms and conditions before or after signing up?

Because of this, many of us may not even realize that we are breaking Instagram’s rules. Therefore, if the Instagram post is deleted, we will not understand the reasons.

The solution to deleting posts on Instagram

If you use methods to increase followers in the form of following/unfollowing, direct and automatic comments, etc., according to Instagram’s announcement, the sensitivity will be created on your account, and for this reason, we suggest that you disable these robots and your password to close access. They change the account.

Be careful about the hashtags you use and make sure to check them before using them to make sure they have not banned hashtags and that Instagram doesn’t give your account a negative rating!

There is no exact solution for this problem and it can be said that over time this problem has been solved for users, but there are steps that may help to solve this limitation faster:

  • If you are going to publish a video and it gets deleted immediately, temporarily publish a photo before publishing it and then publish the video.
  • If you’re going to post a photo and it gets deleted right away, temporarily post a video first and then post the photo.
  • If you still fail to publish the post in both cases, repeat the above steps several times, and usually the problem will be resolved within less than 24 hours.
  • If you still don’t get the result, log out (exit) from your account once and then re-enter the page by changing the IP and doing the normal activity and publishing the post, and repeat the above if it doesn’t work.


The deleted posts by Instagram may be due to Instagram bugs. But always try to use ways that do not require Instagram delete post so that it is not repeated.