Who blocked me on Instagram

Some days after following someone on Instagram, you notice that their posts and stories need to show up for you. But is that because you’ve been blocked?

The person’s Instagram account might have been deactivated or deleted, but no definitive answer is available. There is no guarantee that someone blocked you. Methods for finding the answer to this question are provided in this section.

How to find out if we are blocked on Instagram?

  1. Searching Instagram profiles

A quick way to answer the question, “how did we get blocked on Instagram? A quick way to answer the question is to look for the profile of the person who blocked us on Instagram. In this way, three situations occur:

First case: 

Public profiles, of course, are not blocked if you can see their profile and posts. We must say that private profiles do not need to be worried about if you encounter the message “This Account is Private.”.

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How do we know who blocked us on Instagram?

Second case: 

Whenever a blocked user views the profile, they may see the number of posts but nothing for them and a message such as “No posts yet.”.

Third case: 

This does not mean that the person mentioned in the profile has blocked you because you cannot find the profile in the search section. There is a possibility that the person’s profile has been deactivated. Try other methods if you want to clear this suspicion.

  1. Be cautious when detecting blocking.

In profile pages, when you see the “follow” option if you click it but nothing happens, you are blocked.

You will not receive a notification in this case, but if they haven’t blocked you, the other person will receive a notification that they have followed you. The work risk is slightly increased as a result of this solution!

How do we know who blocked us?

  1. If you have been blocked, check previous tags and comments.

You can access the desired person’s profile through his old comments if you can’t access the profile through the search section. Instagram doesn’t delete old tags and comments when someone blocks you. A profile that shows the number of posts but doesn’t show you a post blocks you.

  1. Check Direct to find out if you are blocked or not.

One of the ways to find out if you have been blocked on Instagram is to check your Direct Messages. If you have already exchanged messages with the person you want, go to your messages.

If your chats are still available, you are not blocked; But if there is no dialogue, you are blocked. Of course, there is still a possibility that the opposite person’s account has been deactivated.

To be sure, Instagram groups will help you a lot; if you are already in a group with the desired person, go to the group. You are blocked if the desired person’s profile is visible in the group and you do not have access to it in other sections of Instagram (such as the search section).


Not seeing other people’s posts and stories on Instagram is not just because you are blocked (from the other side). A choice such as deactivating the account, removing you from the followers, and not having your name in the list of close friends (Close Friends) of the opposite person (the latter is only in the private stories) can cause posts and stories not to be displayed for you.

Before you want to get upset, it is better to check for another account or from the account of your mutual friends and check everything one more time. Ensure that there is an account deletion and that all this does not end up blocking you.