How to Reply to Messages on Instagram? (2023)

How to reply to message on instagram dm?

Do you know how to reply to messages on Instagram? You must have seen that some of your friends on Instagram have the ability to reply to and can select messages on Instagram Direct. You may have asked yourself how to reply to messages on Instagram dm and be able to retweet every single message. Let’s find out the possible ways. 

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How do you reply to messages on Instagram?

The reply message on Instagram’s chat is very useful since many users want to know how to reply to messages on Instagram! This feature has existed in Telegram and WhatsApp messengers for a long time, and we use it a lot. Now you can use this feature on Instagram and chat more easily in this application and reply to messages.

If you’ve visited your Instagram Direct recently, you’ve probably seen an Instagram message saying, “Do you want to update your Direct?” You may be wondering what the flow is. This topic is directly related to our discussion today. The Instagram Direct update allows you to reply to messages to your chats. But this feature is only activated for some, and many want to know how to activate it earlier than others. If you want to reply to messages on Instagram actively, Stay with us until the end of the article.

There are many ways your Instagram direct may be updated, and you will have this feature. Most of these ways are also mentioned on other websites, and we will briefly discuss them here. But we also provide a dedicated solution to enable replies in Instagram Direct. This solution has yet to be seen on other websites, and with a high probability, it will answer.

At the end of the article, we will introduce you to a program that you can surely reply to messages on Instagram.

What does the new Instagram update do?

In the new Instagram update, you will have Instagram and Facebook Direct in one place. In fact, by updating Instagram Direct, you turn your Direct into Facebook Messenger. With this, you will have access to Facebook’s features, including reposting, and you can rely on Instagram. If you update this app, you will be able to reply to messages on Instagram!

How to update your direct on Instagram?

Let’s start to enable the reply feature on Instagram. The message of updating, or updating Instagram Direct, is displayed automatically for most users. So the next time you open your Instagram and come across this message, click on the Update option. This message may also be displayed to you when you open Direct.

After the update, the direct icon will look like this, which is the logo of the Facebook Messenger application:

So if your direct icon is like this, the reply feature is enabled in your direction, and you can reply to messages on Instagram by dragging the messages to the left. Also, the options for reacting with emojis and the reply message option are displayed by keeping your hand on the message.

But you may have never encountered this message on Instagram. Or you encountered it and didn’t know exactly what it was; that’s why you chose the Not Now option, and your direct has yet to be updated. Next, we explain what these users can do to update their direct. The ability to reply to messages on Instagram will be removed if you update Instagram.

How to reply to messages on Instagram?(Activation through Settings)

Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings section of your account, and you will see the messenger update message at the top of the page:
  • You should go to Privacy and then message for this option to appear.
  • It is also possible that you will need a different method. In the following, we present our more definitive and exclusive solution to be able to reply to messages on Instagram.
  • Installing Facebook Messenger and connecting the Instagram account to Facebook (an almost definitive and exclusive solution)

In our investigations to find a way to activate the reply feature or to update Instagram Direct, we noticed the effect of having Facebook, and Facebook Messenger installed on the phone. Instagram and Facebook Messenger were installed on the checked Android phone, and the desired Instagram account was also connected to the Facebook account.

You can connect your Instagram accounts with your other accounts on other social networks, including Facebook. In this way, you can publish your posts on several social networks at the same time.

It seems that installing Facebook Messenger on the phone and connecting the desired account to a Facebook account affects the updating of Instagram Direct. We even removed Facebook Messenger from the phone as a test and saw that Instagram Direct returned to its previous state. Therefore, installing Facebook Messenger is related to updating Direct and activating the reply message feature on Instagram.

Therefore, our exclusive solution to update Instagram Direct and enable reply is to install Facebook Messenger on your phone and connect your Instagram account to the same Facebook account.

1- In the first step, you need to go to the Settings section through your profile.

2- Choose an Account

3- In this section, select the Sharing to Other Apps option.

4- In this section, select the Facebook option and log in to your Facebook account. Pay attention that this account must be the same account with which you have logged into Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone.

With this method, there is a 90% probability that you can update your Instagram direct and learn how to respond on Instagram dm.

It is highly recommended that you log out of your Instagram account on all devices and delete all Instagram data and cache from your phone to get a more accurate answer from this method. If you fail to learn how to reply to messages on Instagram with this method, you can download the Sunista program. With Sunista, in addition to enabling reply messages in Direct, you can do various things, such as downloading videos, stories, posts, etc.

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Finally Word

One of Instagram’s problems is you have to reply to direct messages, one of the most popular social media platforms. With these mentioned methods, you can reply to messages on Instagram easily!

Why can’t I reply to messages on Instagram?

Instagram DMs give you the ability to reply to specific messages. However, there are several reasons why you might be unable to use this feature, such as Instagram Messaging not being updated.

How to reply to messages on Instagram in a group chat?

On your screen, tap the “Messenger” icon in the upper right corner to access Messenger. From your messages, select the private or group conversation. You can reply by tapping the “reply” icon after finding the e-mail, then swiping right on it.